International Chefs Day

Each year on October 20th we celebrate International Chefs Day.

Since its creation by esteemed chef Dr. Bill Gallagher in 2004, Worldchefs has committed to using International Chefs Day to celebrate our noble profession, always remembering that it is our duty to pass on our knowledge and culinary skills to the next generation of chefs with a sense of pride and commitment to the future.

Over the past years, Worldchefs has partnered with Nestlé Professional to teach kids around the globe about the importance of healthy eating by hosting fun-filled workshops worldwide.

This year’s campaign theme was How Healthy Food Works.

We wanted to show how food affects our bodies internally. Following the last two years of Healthy Heroes and Healthy Foods for Growing up, How Healthy Food Works goes deeper into what different foods do for us and why we need them.

International Chefs Day is an opportunity to teach kids about healthy eating by letting them be creative with food. With the chef’s input, education and help, the kids will be able to create recipes out of healthy foods, helping to teach the kids How Healthy Food Works.

2019 The Australian Culinary Federation supported this initiative by hosting workshops across the country.


Hosted a great day of introducing healthy eating to 30 grade 4, Goulburn Street primary students, all who were eager to listen, learn and taste some healthy treats, we went with the French toast, loading up with bananas and berries and a few little treats to keep the enthusiasm up J They spent 3 hours with us, we started the day with a fun PowerPoint looking at all the different aspects of a chef and what we do. We went around the room and asked the children to tell us a favourite fruit or vegetable and the answers were amazing ranging from star fruit, rambutans, mangoes, lychees, potatoes to the humble carrot.  We then went into the Drysdale (TAFE) kitchens and spent the next 90 minutes cooking and creating and not forgetting the most important part, cleaning up, A Great day spent with the kids, lots of smiles, laughter and education. A successful Internationals Chefs Day 2019

Northern Territory

In celebrating International Chefs Day 2019, the Northern Territory had a great day at Timinmin College, out at Humpty Doo, thanks to VET chef Helen at Timinmin & Young chefs club president & member, Jarrod Everett & Anya De Silva & not so young President, Martin Bouchier, from the Australian Culinary Federation in Northern Territory.

 20 students got a real taste for the chef life whilst studying cert 1 & 2 in Commercial Cookery. With simple recipes the young chefs & students had a blast taking over the class, making the dishes and trying their tastebuds out afterwards on what they & their classmates had made. The kids got to take home what they didn’t eat, the faculty came in to watch what was going on & former classes students asked “why didn’t we do this last year? “Everybody gained from the experience. The students, naturally, but also the young chef’s club NT, who now want to do more and the teacher that now has a new item to add to her repertoire: the chocolate soil was a big hit!
There is a lot to be said for culinary wellbeing and an industry that works a little too hard at times, but when everybody leaves the day of volunteering for no wage with a huge smile on their face, sometimes, just sometimes, life is pretty good. Martin Bouchier

New South Wales


Paul Rifkin created a fun learning experience at St Josephs Tweed Heads on the North Coast of NSW. Supported by passionate and dedicated chefs Matt Kemp, Juan Hernandez, Steve Cherry and Abby Goodwin all cooked for the children and educated them on local produce. The children loved the recipes and kept coming back for more.


International Chefs Day saw St Joseph’s Primary School students get a taste of healthier eating with leading local chefs and Nestlé Professional teaming up to swap the classroom for the kitchen in the name of healthy eating.

More than 50 children from the school got creative with healthy food and had the chance to prepare dishes, including Healthy Orange Boosted Oats, Ginger Carrot Vision Soup and Best Broccoli Tummy Puffs.

“Learning to eat well and preparing healthy food plays an important role in teaching kids from a young age. This is a great opportunity for kids to try new and interesting foods that they may not eat at home. It’s about establishing the foundations for healthy eating,” Chef Paul Rifkin said.

Nestlé Professional Nutritionist Karen Kingham says that International Chefs Day is all about inspiring kids to eat well in a way that is engaging and interactive.

“Teaching our kids about healthy eating is an important part of their education. Good nutrition is a crucial part of their growth and development; it gives them more energy, improved health and greater focus in school. We hope today’s fun and healthy cooking experience showed the students how to eat well, to understand how food affects our bodies and what is the lifelong benefit of doing this” Ms Kingham said.

International Chefs Day is a global celebration of culinary arts. This year’s theme How Healthy Food Works encourages kids to think about how healthy eating today can help lead to a healthier tomorrow.


St Catherine of Sienna primary school – Prestons NSW

What a great day was had by all! The day really focused on Healthy Eating with an introduction on the benefits of healthy eating by Nestlé Professional Nutritionist Karen Kingham explaining how much fun healthy eating is. Each station had a learning experience and the children really could not get enough of the flavours and tastes of each concept.

The day facilitated by Julio Azzarello the President of the NSW ACT and Regions Chapter of the Australian Culinary Federation, the produce was supplied by Gourmand Providore.

Prakash Chand created fruit platters packed full of the goodness and natural sweetness. Matt Wills and Billy Fox both from the Young Chefs culinary team created a fun interactive session serving the children fresh broccoli cups. Adele Di Bella, young experienced pastry chef served blueberry, strawberry buckwheat pancakes, this was a real hit with the children.
Roshan Thammitaarachchi had fun with the hummus and handmade tortillas with fresh carrots and cucumber on offer.
Peter Kenyon from Gourmand Providore and also an experienced chef blended up so many wonderful varieties of smoothies the children kept wanting seconds and some even thirds.

The day was a great success and as the day was so hot the cool offerings were a welcome relief to the 100 students.


Orchard Early Learning Centre – Sydney

Tawnya Bahr created a unique interactive session with 80 young children as Tawnya advocated the paddock to plate philosophy which is also reflected in the centre’s day to day menu. Tawnya said “It was a joy to teach the children about healthy eating, seasonal produce and introduce the children to new recipes using some ingredients from the centres kitchen garden”. The children loved the matching card game, plates and looked adorable in their Nestle Professional aprons and chefs’ hats. An engaging and educational morning

South Australia