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A “Certified Chef” is a process that clarifies a chefs past by assessing previous qualifications and / or experience into one simple and reliable statement demonstrating the holder has met industry criteria at their level of experience.

Why you should become a certified chef:

  • Chef certification provides professional standard among chefs and cooks in Australia similar to the standards set for many professionals (CPA, RD, MD, RN, etc.). 
  • Certified Chef provides documentation and validation of culinary experience recognised Australia wide.
  • Being a certified chef provides more opportunities for promotions and advancements within the organization you are employed with or desire to be employed with. 
  • Chef certification provides you with a competitive advantage when applying for chef positions.
  • Employers can confidently recognize that you have independently demonstrated a bench mark level of professional commitment and expertise
  • Certification is Mapped to Worldchefs Certification program to enable recognition at an international level.


You will need to upload the following documentation

  • Application Form

  • Certified copies of Primary Training documents - Certified copy of a minimum Certificate IV Commercial Cookery or equivalent Certified transcripts of training course

  • You will need a copy of your resume

  • 3 References - 2 employer & 1 character OR 1 Declaration of Business Ownership & 1 character reference