Lakanto Pastry Chef of the Year 2020

The Australian Culinary Federation is partnering with Lakanto for the 2020 Pastry Chef of the Year.

B3. Lakanto Most Outstanding Pastry Chef 2020

The pastry chef with the highest aggregate score will receive over $1000 in cash and/or prizes and will be crowned 2020 Lakanto Most Outstanding Pastry Chef.

To be eligible to win you must have competed in 1 open live class F7 and 2 open static classes (S2, S3, S4, S5) You must achieve at least one (1) Gold Medal. Competitors must replace sugar in all dishes with Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener except for sugar artistry components. Competitors must supply to judges with complete recipes for all dishes as well as description cards


F7 Dessert Live Challenge

Competitors have (90) ninety minutes to prepare two (2) portions of two (2) desserts with appropriate garnishes, individually plated and suitable for an A la Carte restaurant service. 100% rule applies

S2. Sweet Buffet Centrepiece
A showpiece made from chocolate, marzipan, pastillage, sugar, Isomalt, cocoa painting. Suitable for a sweet buffet table. Supports may be used but must not be visible; no toxic sprays are permitted.


S3. Petit Fours/pralines five x six (5 x 6)
Five (5) varieties of six (6) portions with an appropriate sweet centrepiece. Plus, one (1) extra of each variety prepared for tasting. Size guidelines 6g-14g


S4. Torte or Gateaux for eight (8)
Present torte/gateaux of your choice with maximum size 22cm x eight (8) portions. All components of the decoration and cake must be edible. One (1) slice must be taken from the gateaux to display the fillings of the gateaux. Suitable for service in a modern establishment. Size guidelines 1.2 – 1.4kg


S5. Four (4) Different Desserts.
Prepare hot or cold (displayed cold) four (4) different individual desserts suitable for restaurant service. One (1) dessert is to be prepared twice for tasting purposes.

- Australians consume on average 60g of sugar a day, vs a 25g daily recommendation. *ABS 2012  
- 1.2million Australians are diabetic and look for diabetic safe foods.* Diabetes Australia 2019
- Lakanto Monkfruit sweetener is natural, gluten free, diabetic and keto friendly. 
- Lakanto tastes and measures just like sugar. 
- Lakanto is heat stable with no aftertaste or loss of sweetness

Available at, Woolworths, Drakes, IGA Ritchies or health food stores 

Soon 500g and 800g packs will be available through foodservice wholesalers

Should you have any technical questions or difficulties with supply please contact David Wingate at Lakanto

ABN 25 295 509 980 

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Kew East VIC 3102
PH 0412 670 923

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