Meet the team leading the way in South Queensland. This active committee is made up of passionate, committed professionals who are all about making a difference in the food and hospitality scene.
The inclusive and supportive committee is your go-to for finding new opportunities, learning from industry trends, and getting involved in events that matter.
They're dedicated to keeping our community vibrant, welcoming, and at the cutting edge of what we do.
Brett Deans Head Shot

Brett Deans | 0422 388 872

Assistant Director

Andrew McKenzie head shot

Andrew McKenzie

Education Committee

Connect and Grow your Network

Join us in person or online for our monthly meeting on the second Monday of each month at 6pm. Contact communications officer Jeremy burrows - casey for details

Events & Competitions

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We have created our annual calendar to keep you updated on upcoming events and competitions.

ACT Competitions

All competitions are hosted by TAFE Queensland.
66 Ernest St. South bank

Competition Contact:
Andrew McKenzie | 0419721193

SSCC Saturday June 17
NAC Saturday May 27
NGCH Saturday July 22

More Information LINK

Pastry Chef
Female chef smiling in a chef jacket and chef hat


Our competitions are not just about showcasing skills; they’re a celebration of creativity, hard work, and the spirit of collaboration. Whether you’re competing or cheering on, you’re a vital part of this progressive community. 


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