Workshop on Australia's #1 Ordering and Management System

On Wednesday, 29th May, Box Hill Institute, in collaboration with the Australian Culinary Federation (ACF), hosted an informative workshop presented by Alex from FoodByUs. This session offered chefs a deep dive into the industry's leading ordering and management system, providing invaluable insights and practical knowledge.

FoodByUs Introduces the Ultimate Management Tool to Savvy Chefs
During the workshop, students and teachers explored how FoodByUs simplifies the complexities of managing hospitality venues. Chefs were particularly impressed by how the system can streamline daily operations, from ordering supplies to managing finances and generating detailed reports.

Key Takeaways
Enhanced Efficiency
Chefs discovered new ways to enhance their kitchen operations, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and allowing more focus on culinary creativity and customer satisfaction.

Practical Skills
The hands-on demonstration provided chefs with practical skills to immediately implement FoodByUs in their venues, making the transition to a more efficient system seamless and straightforward.

Growth Opportunities
The workshop highlighted how the right management tools can foster business growth, providing chefs with strategies to expand their operations and improve their bottom line.

Join the Movement
This successful workshop is just the beginning. Box Hill Institute and the ACF are committed to continuing their support for the hospitality industry, offering more opportunities for professional development and innovation. Stay tuned for future events.

331 x 400 Image of Food By Us Promotional tile
Food by Us facilitator managing the workshop with chefs
Keith Jackson Box Hill Tafe and Victoria President
Image of host and facilitator and guests at the ACF Food By US workshop in Melbourne
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