Who are we,
what do we do, 
and who do we represent?

The ACF is an industry body for Australian chefs, cooks, apprentices and culinary students.

So who are the member’s

In a nutshell: Chefs, cooks, apprentices and culinary students who are currently working – or studying – in the industry.

Our young chef’s club is focused on those under 25 who are so important to the future of our industry

The ACF also has associate members who have an interest in hospitality.

So WHY should you become a member?


Firstly there’s no other industry association that specifically represents the whole culinary community at a state and national level.

The ACF is directly driven by Chefs, for Chefs.

We collaborate with other associations – and the food service industry in general, – at both national and state level.

As an ACF member, you can enhance your professional skills through:

  • Workshops, Master Classes and Culinary Competitions.

  • The organisation also offers great networking opportunities with fellow professionals.

  • You’ll receive a weekly newsletter with up to date information on local, national and international news.

So with more members, the ACF has a louder voice to fight for issues important to the culinary industry and to protect chefs’ professional values.

ABN 25 295 509 980 

PO Box 115

Kew East VIC 3102
PH 0412 670 923

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