The Education committee is inspired by the learning and training of our trade. We represent Chefs, Cooks, Apprentices and culinary students from a federal government level to our local communities. We are focused on modernising, updating and keeping our Chefs community informed of industry and educational change as well as promoting International Chefs Day (October 20th)  

We will ensure that you receive up to date information on upcoming courses, upskilling, masterclasses, micro credentials and ACF Chefs Certification.

If you are a working Chef or Culinary educator and a fully paid member of the ACF and would like to be a part of the education committee contact your state director for more information.

‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything they learned in school’ Albert Einstein

Education Committee

Stephen Lunn

Andrew McKenzie

Michael Norton
Tasmainia Training

Robin Kelly
Tasmania Industry

Andrew Wisken
Victoria Industry

Keith Jackson
Victoria Training

Paul Rifkin
NSW ACT & Regions Industry

John Daly
NSW ACT & Regions Training

Martin MacInnes
South Queensland Training

Richard Sellers
South Queensland Industry

Daniel Peters
North Queensland Industry

Natalie Cashin
North Queensland Training

Martin Bouchier
Northern Territry Industry

Alin Gavril
Western Australia Industry

Che Tam Nguyen
Western Australia Training

Darren White
South Australia Training

Hamish Robertson
South Australia Industry